Online TA Registration With Encryption

Thursday, February 04, 2010 11:18 WIB

Informatics Engineering as a department which is the 'center' of the development of information technology within the University of Muhammadiyah Malang always tries to create new breakthroughs. This time the department that was not even 5 years old, created a Final Task Management Information System named Encryption.
Galih Wasis Wicaksono, Deputy Coordinator of the Final Task of the Informatics Engineering Department as well as the Encryption coordinator, said that this system was expected to be able to bridge students, lecturers and departments in the process of registering, making and evaluating the Final Project. Still according to Galih, in this system later various features will be provided to assist students in the preparation of their Final Project. "By using this system, students do not need to come to the department to submit their TA titles. The process of selecting title supervisors, consultation and submission of the revised results to the relevant lecturers can also be done online. Even the seminar schedule for submission of titles can be directly viewed online. The point is this system will provide convenience for both students and for the student supervisors concerned. " Thus continued the man who won the graduation award with the best GPA of all UMM engineering faculties in 2009.
When asked whether this system will affect the pre-existing manual process, Galih did not argue, "There is indeed an influence, but it will not change the overall process sequence. Because basically this system is only as a supporter of an existing system. Only the problem The system used to be, everything is still manual, now we try to insert the elements of the automation a little. Because there are indeed some processes that still have to be done manually. "
In the meantime, the new developed system handles the process of submitting titles until the student concerned gets a decree. "We have indeed developed this system by module. This is to facilitate the process of socialization to students about the new system. In the future it is expected that all processes related to registration, work up to final project assessment can be done online by using this system", Galih continued. In addition to Encryption, the Department of Informatics is also developing a PKN Management Information System that has almost the same function as Encryption. Both of these systems will be officially launched in conjunction with the launch of the Handbook on the Formulation of PKN and Final Assignment which is scheduled to be held in the near future. (admin)