Class activities in the classroom generally do not include the development of psychomotor abilities, observation, data collection, data analysis for students. Therefore, the laboratory room can be used to conduct practical and research activities for students.

Practicum activities in the laboratory provide opportunities for students to apply the theoretical knowledge they get in lectures more clearly.

UMM Informatics Engineering Study Program has 6 representative Laboratory rooms that function as learning and experimental centers, namely:

  1. Laboratorium Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak
  2. Laboratorium Sistem dan Keamanan Jaringan
  3. Laboratorium Game Cerdas
  4. Laboratorium Sains Data
  5. Laboratorium Riset
  6. Laboratorium Pelatihan & Sertifikasi

More detailed information about the UMM Informatics Study Program Laboratory can be accessed via the website:




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