Human Resources



Lecturer in Software Engineering

This area, offers areas of expertise that emphasize the ability of graduates to do software testing, the ability to manage software projects, the ability to reduce the risk of software errors, and the ability to make game software. Software Engineering's areas of expertise include: Software Quality Assurance, Software Architecture, Software Evolution, Software Construction, Software Process Improvement, Software Engineering Economics, Software Engineering Special Topics.

Aminuddin, S.Kom, M.Kom

Wildan Suharso, S.Kom, M.Kom

Ilyas Nuryasin, S.Kom, M.Kom

Wahyu Andhyka Kusuma, S.Kom, M.Kom

Dr. Ir. Lailis Syafa'ah, M.T

Evi Dwi Wahyuni, S.Kom, M.Kom

Gita Indah Marthasari, S.T, M.Kom

Hariyadi, S.Kom, M.T


Lecturer in Data Science

In this area, it offers an area of expertise that emphasizes the ability of graduates to utilize large amounts of data (Big Data) that are available more easily and quickly, to find hidden patterns in data that can be extracted into useful information in decision making. Courses in the field include Data Mining, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Data Information & Knowledge.

Yufiz Azhar, S.Kom, M.Kom

Ir. Agus Eko Minarno, S.kom, M.Kom

Ir. Galih Wasis Wicaksono, S.Kom, M.Cs

Dr. Ir. Lailis Syafa'ah, M.T

Christian S.K.Aditya, S.Kom, M.Kom

Yuda Monarko, S.Kom, M.Sc

Setio Basuki, S.T, M.T, Ph.D

Nur Hayatin, S.T, M.Kom

Didih Rizki, S.Kom, M.Kom

Vinna Rahmayanti SN, S.Si, M.Si


Lecturer in Network Security Systems

This area, offers an area of expertise that emphasizes the ability of graduates to build a variety of architectures and network systems according to the latest technology standards and implementing network security. Network Security Systems's areas of expertise include: Data Communications, Computer Networks, Forensics, Network Security.

Syaifuddin, S.Kom, M.Kom

Denar Regata Akbi, S.Kom, M.Kom

DIah Rizqiwati, S.T, M.T

Mahar Faiqurahman, S.Kom, M.T

Zamah Sari, S.T, M.T

Fauzi Dwi Setiawan Sumadi, ST., M.CompSc

Sofyan Arifianto, S.Si., M.Kom


Lecturer in Smart Games

In this area, it offers an area of expertise that emphasizes the ability of graduates to answer the need for professionals in the field of media technology, games and mobile devices so as to be able to produce quality technology and multimedia applications, games and mobile devices through inter and multi-disciplinary approaches in the application of technology that is of wide use in society. The subject areas of interest include Game Modeling, Game Programming, Game Evaluation, Virtual Reality.

Hardianto Wibowo, S.Kom, M.T

Lailatul Husniah, S.T, M.T

Ali Sofyan, S.kom, M.Kom

Eko Budi Cahyono, S.Kom, M.T