Graduate Profile

The profile of UMM Informatics Engineering Study Program graduates is determined based on the results of alumni search analysis which is a reflection of the needs of industry, as well as based on scientific studies that represent scientific developments in the field of informatics engineering in the future.



Profile Description

Game Developer

Work with teams developing and designing video games. Coordinate complex tasks creating new video games that have tasks such as designing characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation. Software Engineers, Programmers, or Computer Scientists who mainly develop code bases for video games or related software, such as game development tools.

Network Analysts and Engineers, Network Administrators and Network Application Developers

Analyzing problems, providing solutions in the form of engineering, manufacturing and management, and evaluating network systems.

Data Scientist

Analyze and process data into information and knowledge.

Software Engineer

Analyzing the feasibility of making, implementing a software project, analyzing the needs, designing, manufacturing and guaranteeing the quality of the software and re-engineering the software.


Special Skills

Referring to the curriculum that was developed in accordance with the specialty of the UMM Informatics Engineering Study Program, every graduate must have special skills. The skills are categorized into four areas of interest namely Software Engineering, Network Systems and Security, Intelligent Games and Data Science.

1. Specific Skills in Software Engineering Interest :

  1. Able to do analysis to ensure project feasibility and manage the software development process to optimize resources.
  2. Able to analyze, design and apply software development methodologies for specific problems based on certain paradigms and create software documentation starting for the entire development stage.
  3. Able to re-engineer the software based on applicable procedures.
  4. Able to perform software guarantee procedures to achieve expected software quality standards.

2. Specific skills in systems and network security Interest :

  1. Able to do problem analysis for designing needs, implementation and configuration, and evaluating wireless network infrastructure.
  2. Able to conduct investigations to obtain evidence of various cases of intrusion in the network and provide solutions to overcome security holes in the network.
  3. Having the ability to apply certain methods and algorithms used for attacking and securing network systems both real and simulated, and being able to evaluate the security of such network systems.
  4. Able to implement and evaluate algorithms for safeguarding data both stored in storage units and transmitted over computer networks.
  5. Capable of analyzing the requirements of network software, implementing network protocols into software, and evaluating network software.
  6. Able to design, implement, and test a network system that is used to improve performance in computing.
  7. Able to improve understanding and implementation of network technology in the form of infrastructure and applications on wireline and wireless networks.

3. Keterampilan khusus Bidang Minat Game Cerdas :

  1. Able to design and engineer games with game design standards so that the design can be implemented by other parties.
  2. Being able to apply game programming skills using game engines.
  3. Mastering the concepts of design and engineering in making games so that they are able to analyze and create game design documents.
  4. Mastering the concept of programming in making games so that they can solve problems in game programming.
  5. Able to choose in implementing methods in the game engineering stage based on available resources.
  6. Able to choose and implement algorithms that are appropriate to the problems that arise from the game designed and the platform used.
  7. Having the ability to manage and control the resources owned, and evaluate the processes in game development.
  8. Able to choose and use the game engine in accordance with the game designed and the available resources.

4. Keterampilan khusus bidang sains data :

  1. Able to choose data science tools that are suitable for the process of data collection, data organization and data analysis.
  2. Able to collect data and carry out the process of data cleaning, data transformation and data validation and data sharing.
  3. Able to explore and analyze data by displaying data in the form of plots, classifying and classifying, selecting data dimensions, and using statistical techniques and methods.
  4. Able to apply machine learning techniques to solve new problems, run evaluations and interpret the results.
  5. Able to communicate data, both visually and in writing, so that the information generated is easy to understand and can be further utilized for decision making and answering questions.
  6. Able to conduct experiments to determine the causal relationship of data that has been collected.
  7. Students are able to apply regression analysis and time series.