Vision Mission & Goals

To become a leading study program in the Development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts in the fields of software engineering, system and network security, data science and intelligent games based on Islamic values.
  1. Organizing education and learning in a professional and Islamic competency-based in the field of informatics.
  2. Carry out innovative and quality research.
  3. Carry out research-based community service oriented to the use of information and communication technology.
  4. Establish cooperation with various institutions both at home and abroad.
  1. Producing competent graduates in the field of Science and Technology Informatics, especially in the field of software engineering, systems and network security, data science, and smart games, as well as being entrepreneurial, ethical, and able to compete at national and international levels.
  2. Producing research work in the field of information and communication technology as a basis for carrying out education and science and technology development.
  3. Carry out community service based on local wisdom to improve community welfare through technology.
  4. Generate cooperation with other parties for the development of education, research and community service.